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  I intuitively assess physical, emotional and energetic states of wellness with an aim of finding originating causes of dysfunctions. This will entail a full and comprehensive medical intuitive report of approx. 6-8 pages followed by a one-hour telephone call between myself and the client to further explain the contents of the report and offer specific recommendations to obtain a successful path towards wellness. (Disclaimer:These reports are not intended to replace advice of your medical professional. They are intuitive evaluations based on the concepts of interpretation of energy in the human body and must be handled in such a manner. The intention of such reports is to aid in the process of overall understanding of human function and behavior using intuition as an assessment tool.)

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  Consultation and personalized instruction in specific kriyas and meditations designed to assist individuals in meeting and overcoming challenges. Phone cunsultation followed by a 1-Hour Private session (Disclaimer: This is not a medical diagnosis and is not intended to replace medical or therapeutic care from a qualified practitioner.)
Price: $150.00
  Using the science of numbers to unlock the keys to your growth, development and destiny. Tantric Numerology readings include specific Kundalini Yoga sets.
Price: $125.00
  Gentle, personal (non-touch) healing of the aura and chakras to remove energy blocks, other people's energy and any energies interferring with your overall wellness.
General - Approx. 44 mins, $100.00
  Advanced - Includes work on a specific issue: $150.00  
Energy Healing
A simple, easy to learn, easy to use technique that uses your acupuncture meridians to help you release limiting beliefs and emotions that may be holding you back from creating the life you desire. EFT, also known as "tapping" has been scientifically researched and proven effective. Sessions offered in person or via skype or phone.
45 Mins, Price: $100.00
  Needing individual attention? A private yoga session is a great way to learn the fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga, work on postures or get help mastering specific exercises. This service is offered in the privacy and comfort of your own home.
1 Hour Session, Price: $100.00
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